Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009 Papa Noel A Serious Moment 66041483 University of Alabama Presidents Mansion 62327269 Victorian Mrs. Claus Getting ready to leave for an appearance 62327270 Mrs. Claus New Dress Leaving for Event 62327271 The Summit Santa Waving 62327272 Santa & Mrs. Claus with NBC 13 Crew Photo Op after filming segment for Christmas Eve Show 62327273 Presidents Mansion University of Alabama 62327274 Santa in the Football Spirit Getting ready to go to the University for an Appearance at the Health & Wellness Center 62327275 Mrs. Claus 2009 A little different look for Mrs. Claus 64443937 Nino's Appearance Taking a break and keeping Santas chair warm while he's off feeding the reindeer~ 64443938 Live Nativity Scene Savannah Point Appearance with the Three Wise men, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus along with a host of Shepherds. 64443939 Santa and Mrs. Claus 2009 University of Alabama Health & Wellness Center 64443940 Buds Best Cookie Factory The CookieLand Express! What a nice ride! 66042059 University of Alabama Me and Mrs. Claus doing a photo op 66042060 Rocky and Santa Santa love ALL living creatures~ 67816650 Santa and Mrs. Claus at The Summit How sweet it is! 67816651